[heading style=”1″]Coffee shop Barney[/heading]

This was my first experience with a Barney’s location. And I must say: I was impressed. I visited this shop on a Saturday and the shop was packed! It’s a small shop, there is seating for  about 20 people. Mostly couches with a table where you can sit with up to 6 people.

At coffee shop Barney you can choose from 25 different sorts of weeds and hash. I had the Blue Cheese, not to strong and gets you stoned nicely.

They were playing really good “smoke” hip hop music. Maybe the music was just a bit too loud. The only thing what I didn’t like was the big  tv screen. Such a big television draws all your attention, especially when a K1 fight is on! A really good shop, staff is helpfull and they can make you an excellent coffee.

Blue cheese, €13,- a gram