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The rules and the way it goes in coffeeshops.
By entering a coffeeshop you must be at least 18 years old and must be able to show a valid photo id when entering the coffeeshop.
They can be pretty strict in many coffeeshops especially when you’re not too tall. Coffeeshops have been a part of Amsterdam since the 1970’s, when the Dutch government made a clear distinction in the law between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ drugs. Unlike Amsterdam’s fully legal smart shops, coffeeshops have always existed in a legal grey area.

The crazy thing is that it’s “legal” to sell and smoke, but the way it’s being purchased by the coffeeshop and the way it’s grown are illegal. In other words: the stock of the shop is being brought in through the back door. This makes it a interesting opportunity for criminals to make money and is something that is under review by the government at the moment.

Coffeeshops are allowed to sell you 5 grams maximum per customer.

When entering a coffeeshop you are presented a menu (like in a restaurant) where they show what  weeds and hash are for sale. Once you made your pick, they give it to you in a plastic or paper bag. Not everyone knows how to roll a joint, so you can buy pre-rolled joints also. Just make sure you ask how strong the joint is because if you didn’t roll it yourself you don’t know how much is in it. An other import thing is to take it easy, our weed and hash are more powerful than in most other countries. So don’t smoke the whole thing at once but look how you react to it. Another thing is not to drink and smoke at the same time, it takes time to master this.

Where can I smoke weed?
You can smoke your weed at home, in the street and of course in a coffeeshop. Don’t think just because it’s legal you can blaze it up anywhere you like. That will not be appreciated and can result in you being thrown out of the venue you are in at that time. In most better clubs it is allowed to blaze in the designated smoking area’s, but if your not certain just ask somebody who works there.

Different sorts of weed and hash



Bio weed – Weed that was grown on earth with the least amount of nutrition and enhancers. Less THC and a milder high.

Hydro weed – Weed that’s was grown on water and rockwool (no earth) strong kind the advantage of growing hydro is that you exactly know what type of nutrition your plants need.

Haze – Haze came originally from California and is also one of the most known weed in Jamaica, it’s renowned for it’s heavy high and gets you in a deep high. (stoned)

Sativa – Lot of THC and gives you a energetic high.

Indica – Lot of CBD (cannabidiol) and gets you stoned (relaxed high) is also used as medicinal weed.


There are different types of hashish. Most are named after the country of origin. There is Afghani, Morocco, Nepal and Lebanon. Nowadays, not only imported hash, but also in the Netherlands and Belgium produced.

Hashish is made ​​from the resin-crystals on a female plant in bloom where they are found on the flower buds and leaves. There are many ways to separated the resin crystals from the leaves / buds. A common method is to form a sieve into a centrifuge. Dried flower buds are put in the sieve where it rotates a couple hours. By rotating the dried flowering tops and leaves they are forced trough the sieve and only a fine resin crystals powder remains. Basically, the powder that now remains is ready to smoke. But because this powder is not easy to transport, handle and smoke it is often compressed. This leaves a final piece of real hashish.

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