Hotels in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam has hundreds of hotels in the city. To find one that suits your needs might be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve made a top ten of hotels where I would love to spend the night in. Some might be a little expensive, but a girl can dream!

1. InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel

intercontinentalAmsterdamIf I had all the money in the world, this is the hotel where I would love to spend a night.. or a week. It has five stars and is located at the Amstel river. The Amstel Hotel is known for accommodating celebrities from all over the world. Just imagine walking down in the morning for a swim in the pool and bumping into Johnny Depp!


2. Conscious Hotel Vondelpark

conscious-hotel-vondelparkThe name of the hotel already gives their theme away: it’s all about being conscious of the environment. I love the concept as we live in a time where pollution is a big problem. They strive to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. It’s next to the Vondelpark so if you’re feeling all ”green” you can have nice walk in the park.


3. Sandton Hotel de Filosoof

Sandton Hotel de FilosoofWhen you’re going on a trip it’s also important to have a peace of mind. If you’re not in peace yet, this is the place to be! Every room in the hotel has its own philosophical theme. And when you’re done with thinking about the purpose of life you can step out the door and have a drink. The hotel is located on the Overtoom, near the Leidseplein.


4. NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky 

KrasnapolskyAmsterdamThis Hotel is located next to the Dam square. The rooms are nicely decorated, especially the dining rooms which look extremely luxurious. Women above all would love this place. It’s next to the shopping street and just a step away from the Bijenkorf!


5. Cat Cabinet

Kattenkabinet, the Cat Cabinet Museum, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsYou can find this accommodation in an old but beautiful mansion on the Herengracht. It’s not exactly a Hotel but you can rent a whole apartment for a few days. Downstairs you can visit the museum the Cat Cabinet. The owner of the building is a big lover of cats and art. He combined the two and made a museum full of cat art in his house. Everything has do to with cats, even the apartments are called Kitty, Cat and Mouse. If you’re lucky you’ll even spot some real ones!


6. Hotel de Exchange

hotel-the-exchange-amsterdamThis is the hotel where fashion and architecture meet. The rooms are decorated by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. All the rooms are unique and have their own theme. For example you can spend your stay at the Marie-Antoinette room!


7. Backstage Hotel

BackstagehotelThis hotel promises to give you the feeling of coming off the stage. It’s all about music here! You can plug your Ipod in or play guitar hero at the bar. If your looking for a nice gig, I bet they can give you some great advise!


8. Qbic Hotel

HotelqbicWelcome to the future! This futuristic hotel has a cube shaped living space in the room that is called a ”cubi”. The cubi sets a mood for you by using different colors of light: Mellow Yellow, Red Romance or Deep Purple Love. It reminds me a bit of the movie Blue Valentine which is one of the reasons why I would recommend this hotel!


9. Iron Horse Hotel

IronhorseThis hotel is all about horses. The building was used be by the horse police in the past but now it offers you nice rooms to stay in. Of course there’s a horse theme in every room and believe it or not they’ve even made rooms from old horse stables!


10. Hotel Weber

HotelweberIf you love to party and want to save some money on taxi’s then this is the perfect accommodation! Hotel Weber is located on the Marnixstraat next to the Leidseplein. You’re just a five minute walk away from clubs like Melkweg and Paradiso. There’s also the popular café Weber that’s located just next to the hotel.