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With all the drinking and smoking you can do in Amsterdam, it can be hard to remember where you are […]

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Buiten Westen Festival

Buiten Westen is a summer festival in the Westerpark. The festival claims to be a collection of free spirits and […]

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Loveland Queensday

Loveland is a popular festival in Amsterdam. The Queen’s day edition will be held at the Oosterpark in the open […]

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World Press Photo 2013

This is an event I’ve been longing to see for a long time.  The Oude Kerk (Old Church) in Amsterdam […]

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Nacht Bazaar

This will be the third edition of Nacht Bazaar in Trouw. You can do some serious shopping here! There are […]

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Bar Bloemenbar

Bloemenbar opened its doors on December 26th 2011 and since then it has been a popular spot among locals. On […]

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Appelsap Fresh Music Festival 2013

Appelsap, which means applejuice, is an urban festival in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. It started in 2000 as a free […]

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De Parade is a famous festival that travels through the Netherlands in the summer. It brings theater, dance  and music […]

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/K met Peren: Koninginnenacht

It’s always hard to pick a party for Queensnight, there are just too many! Studio K is offering a Queensnight […]

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