With all the drinking and smoking you can do in Amsterdam, it can be hard to remember where you are or where it is you want to go. Well, it is almost impossible to forget where the OT301 is located. You can find this venue on the Overtoom 301 next to the Vondelpark.

 In 1999 the building was squatted by a group of artists that had a great vision in mind. It’s a place where artists can live, work and come together. They offer a lot different things like music, movies, dance, theater and all sorts of workshops. They strive at staying a non-profit organization that offers a platform for all kinds of subcultures. Doesn’t that sound like a great organization?!

 I really like the OT301, because of its laid back ambiance. There’s a small café where you can have a drink or two. Sometimes there’s even a band playing in the background. On occasions bands do album releases here as well. The fee for the concert is around 10 euro’s then. Also I would like to mention the cinema. If you’re a fan of independent/art house movies this is definitely a place to keep in mind. The fee is usually around 5 euro’s with sometimes an introduction by a film buff. So even if you’re not interested in a party night, there’s still a lot to do here!

 There aren’t many party nights in the OT301and they are quiet diverse so make sure you check the agenda on their website to see if there’s a party that suits your taste. My favorite party till now is the one hosted by RTFKT.net. It’s a techno party that usually invites DJ’s from places like Berlin or ones that are known for playing in the Boiler Room. There have been two edition so far and hopefully they will plan another one soon!