De Parade is a famous festival that travels through the Netherlands in the summer. It brings theater, dance  and music to the city. In other words, it’s a cultural event. From August 8th till the 25th it will be in Amsterdam!

You can make it as expensive as you please. It’s possible to go for free, then you must come in before 16:00. Tickets can be purchased at the event or online. At the festival itself the shows also ask for an entrance fee which varies from 2 till 10 euro. A lot of people just come to the park to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival and have a drink or meal.
The food is also part of the festival and travels along with the event. All the food is produced with care and doesn’t come from factory farming.

This year you can chose from 74 theater- dance and music performances, 19 performances for children and 37 bands.


How to buy tickets?

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Fees : € 7,50