Festival De Parade has about 65 different theater, music and dance acts, 15 shows for children and 45 bands. These acts take place in several colorful circus tents. Also restaurants and bars are on the terrain. The Parade is every year in the Martin Luther King park.

This festival is typically an event for locals. People normally go here after work, have dinner, visit some shows and have a few drinks afterwards. The silent disco is very popular and of course funny to watch.

At de Parade there is something to experience for everyone. There will be over 80 different theatre-, music-, and danceperformances for young and old. There will be free music performances at Café Correct and The Orangerie. On top of that, visotors can enjoy their time on one of the many terraces for cocktails, sushi, pastas and much more.

For the hearing impaired some performances will be accompanied by Dutch sign interpreters.