Saigon is actually located on a not TrueAmsterdam location; on the Leidsestraat right under the McDonalds.
But once you enter and you sit down at one of the tables or couches you understand why this is a TrueAmsterdam location. The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet, the opposite of the always noisy and screaming Leidsestraat.
Saigon is one of the first top quality Vietnamese restaurants in town. The quality of the food and the service are outstanding and if you miss those Saigon beers that remind you of that great South – Asia trip you made, they have it here!
The prices are average to pretty cheap. The specialty of the house is of course the Pho. They have 11 different choices of these traditional Vietnamese soups. They also have very tasty egg rolls with chicken. If all that wasn’t enough, just wait till you taste your coconut desert. Then it will become clear that this really is the place to be to get some outstanding Vietnamese food in Amsterdam!