Club Air is located near the Rembrandt square. The admission is approximately 15 Euros. You have to buy an Air Card to pay your drinks. You can put credit on this card at the counter. With this card you also pay your locker for your jacket or purse. The overall atmosphere is trendy and a little dark. The club is brand new and has a nice modern design. Club Air has two areas where the DJ’s play house music. You enter the main area by descending the stairs. The crowd can be called casual. At the bar you can get a beer for € 2,50 and a wine for € 3,10. Because you pay with your Air Card you don’t have to wait too long for your drinks. There’s enough space to walk around and the toilets are free. The music is not too loud and you can hear it all over the club.

Overall this is a club for some casual dancing in a nice looking club.

Club Air