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  • Andreas, Born in 1984 I really love my city. The bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, Amsterdam has it all! I am never going to leave this city!

Winter parade

Even in winter there will be a Parade Festival. Where the classic Christmas circus settles in Carré, the itinerant festival […]

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Coffeeshop Greenhouse

Coffeeshop Greenhouse is located in the centre of Amsterdam, next to the Red Light District and this is a very […]

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Coffeeshop Softland 1

Coffeeshop Softland 1 is a pretty good coffeeshop if you realize it’s in the center of Amsterdam. Prices are kind of high, […]

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Restaurant Bistrot Neuf

Located at the Haarlemmerstraat, a very busy street close to Central Station with lots of cool shops and other restaurants […]

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Restaurant Comfort Caffe

Great place in East Amsterdam! With chef Chris working his magic in the kitchen the real Italian dishes are a […]

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Albert Cuyp Market

The Albert Cuyp market, at the Albert Cuypstraat, is the oldest and best market in Amsterdam, in 2005 they celebrated […]

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Bar Hoppe

Bar Hoppe is situated in the old center of Amsterdam, founded in 1670 it’s one of the oldest bar in […]

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Coffeeshop Funky Munkey

Coffeeshop Funky munkey, just the name makes me laugh. Not a real big coffeeshop tough. But they have two really […]

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Restaurant van Kerkwijk

Restaurant Van Kerkwijk, situated near Damsquare, is the perfect location if you don’t want to travel a long distance for […]

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