I heard so much good things about this shop that I had to find out first hand what’s so special.

The shop is devided into several levels. Upstairs is the bar where you can order your choice of weeds and drinks. Downstairs you have a smokingroom (for normal cigarettes) and another room. So you never sit in a room with more than 10 people.

And as the name says all Russia style interior. This means drawings on the wall of Russian skylines and items everywhere reminding you of mother Russia.  They also have a cat of the house which mostly of the time just sleeps in the smokingroom and gives you a homy feeling. ( he must have a relaxt life)

I had the white balloon which gave me a ridiculous high. If you’re there you must try one of the 40 varieties of tea, which are great when you’re high.

White balloon, €8,- a gram