Samba Kitchen is the first Brazilian Churrascaria in the Netherlands. This typical Brazilian restaurants  is perfect for a great evening with Brazilian music, atmosphere and a lot of meat.  The restaurant is located in the Pijp area, nearby the Sarphatipark and the Albert Cuyp Market.

The principle of this restaurant is make a reservation for a table and you can get your own starter from the salad bar. After you got your starter the staff comes by with several spears with meat. Every 10 minutes there will be  a new spear with meat. The different kinds of meat are chorizo, chicken and different kinds of beef. For drinks you’ll should take the soda called Guaraná. This is a typical Brazilian very sweet soda which tastes a bit like Redbull. After a few rounds of meat you can order a nice Brazilian beer called Sköl.

The restaurant seats about 50 guests and you get the feeling you’re on a holiday when you walk in. Brazilian music, flags on the wall and Brazilian staff.

When you’re finished eating all this meat and want to leave don’t forget to ask for a Caipirinha . This homemade mix drink is a good finisher for a South American evening.