This is a very well known coffeeshop. The interior is artistic and gives you a warm feeling where entering the shop.

Coffeeshop de dampkring is situated in the heart of Amsterdam so many tourists visit this coffeeshop. This has its consequences for the prices. The quality of the products is very good, but you pay for it. Inside the shop you’ll find several cozy corners to chill, also the shop provides games which can be played on the main tables. The bar serves quality drinks; coffee, soft drinks but no alcohol.

The Dampkring is often visited by famous Dutch and international personalities. The most popular visitor must be Brad Pitt. There’s even a scene in Ocean’s Twelve that is inside this shop!

Prices in the Dampkring vary between 10 euro and 30 euro for the special hash products. In short: quality shop, quality product but too expensive.

Ocean’s twelve haze, €11,- a gram