Club Trouw opened its doors in 2009. Trouw is the follow – up of the famous club 11; the club that has put Amsterdam internationally on the map again as a high quality club city. Trouw has an industrial underground look and atmosphere. You can find all sorts of people getting their groove on Friday and Saturday and sometimes Sunday morning/afternoon. In 2010 and onwards Club Trouw also started to program concerts which is a good initiative because the sound system is impeccable. The Club Trouw building used to be a printing building for the newspaper Trouw. This Friday there was an innervisions label night. Dixon, Ame, Henrik Schwarz, Alex from Tokyo, Marcus Worgull and Gerd Jansen. You have two floors at Trouw; de verdieping, which is located on the lower area of the club on the same level of the toilets and wardrobe. When you go up you’ll have the Trouw which is the main area and a restaurant. The atmosphere was great, the Trouw area was really busy and warm but the verdieping area had a perfect crowd; no lines in front of the bar and you could move around without any problems. Off course, upstairs played the bigger stars of the innervissions label Dixon, Ame and Henrik Schwarz but the less famous downstairs did an excellent job. Around 5.30 everybody went home with a big smile on their face and ready for bed….. or an after party.