If there is one coffeeshop that needs a review it’s coffeeshop Barneys on the Haarlemmerstraat. Winner of the 2010 Hightime Cannabis Cup. That’s just one of the prizes they won, they got numerous actually. Because they won a lot this must be one of the busiest coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The shop is kind of narrow with cafe tables on one side, sales counter on the other and there’s a coffee bar in the back.  Even though it’s not a big shop, if you have a seat it doesn’t feel crowded. Just make sure you don’t sit next to the counter.

I ordered the best of the house called the Tangerine Dream. It cost me € 15,- a gram but it was money well spent! Hats off to the supplier of Barney’s for making these strains!

What’s really nice is that you can find a vaporizer on every table, if you don’t like to smoke you can inhale it this way. But if you’re a novice smoker beware how much you put in it because it can knock you of your feet! If you don’t know how it works, just ask the staff or ask a local who does. Thats one of the best things about being in a shop, just talk to people and have a chat to know what’s going on.

Staff is helpful and took their time to help you make a pick even though it was busy. Overall a crowded shop with a lot of traffic but still you should try Barney’s for the best quality!

Tangerine Dream, €15,- a gram

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