My first review of Greenhouse in the city center wasn’t  that great. This time I went to coffeeshop Greenhouse on the Tolstraat. That’s near the area “De Pijp”. And thinks are looking up for the Greenhouse.

The shop is really well furnished and there are framed picture of celebrities on the wall that visited the shop. The shop has a lot of sofa’s and the shop is remarkable bigger than it looks from the outside. The chill factor is really high here, not too much light and you feel right at home when entering.

The staff was busy cleaning but they let me look at the menu on my own pase. I picked the Temple Balls (hash) and sat down way in the back. The temple balls was really dark and sticky and gave me a deep high, just what I wanted! Now I know what’s my new favorite.

I was there on a Wednesday and there weren’t much people in the shop.  Nonetheless the vibe was great, they were playing pop music and the volume wasn’t cranked up to the max so you could talk.

Temple Balls, €12,- a gram