Bar- restaurant Amstelhaven – Across the street from the legendary Amstel Hotel, the Amstel Haven is one of the most relaxing and loveliest locations in the Amsterdam East district. Crashed down on the giant cushions of the lounge or sitting at the tables “on the water” and experience the holiday feeling only the Amsterdammers know where to enjoy. Boats are stopping by and the crowd is “in” yet friendly. Bar-restaurant Amstelhaven has a very nice choice of wines by the glass if you like and at various prices, simple small or more consistant ( evening) menus, exotic or typical Dutch oriented. Not expensive for such a spot while in Amsterdam you may spend a fortune on a tasteless and uncreative meals served by not so kind people.
I can highly recommend Bar-restaurant Amstelhaven during the Summer for its nice and cozy terrace, lain back with a good glass of wine and watch all the boats sailing by on the Amstel canal.

On the Friday and Saturday nights there’s a dj deck, upbeat music, they push the chairs and tables aside and invite you to wiggle and shake it on the dance floor.

Don’t miss it!