Have you ever felt dead tired after dragging yourself through a city all day? Off course  being in a city means experiencing a city and what better way to experience a city then to drag yourself through it I hear you ask? Well, what if I was to tell you there is a better way?!

An established name in the tour operating business, iGo Segway Events has been offering Segway tours of Amsterdam since 2005 and is one of the largest Segway rental companies in the Netherlands. Whether it’s a romantic Amsterdam Canal tour for two or a company tour for 100, iGo Segway Events has the tour for you!

We were there on a friday afternoon when the weather was not great in Amsterdam. The guys from iGo however did not seem too impressed by a little rain and after putting on our complimentary rain poncho we started the tour with a training on how to operate the Segway. If you have never been on a Segway (and most of us have not) it can be a little intimidating at first. You see, the Segway has no throttle but even more disturbing is the fact that it doesn’t have a break! But after standing on one for a whole  30 seconds all these reservations were gone and all there was left was a sense of amazement and childish wonder! Driving these machines is so easy! After 10 minutes on the Segway it is almost like it is a part of your body and you control it with your mind!

Mind you, as we later learned from one of our tour guides, this is also the danger in driving the Segway. Because it is so easy to grasp you run the risk of over estimating your Segway driving skills. And there is a big difference between being able to make some turns on a closed off training area then being able to make a controlled stop when there are bikes coming at you from all sides! Luckily the tour guides at iGo Segway Events thoroughly prepare you for the Amsterdam bikes  in their training session and we felt confident enough to take to the streets following our tourguide.

We took a general tour of Amsterdam that lead us past Artis Zoo, the Skinny Bridge (magere brug), Rembrandtsquare, Jordaan Area, Damsquare and Nieuwmarkt square. The tour lasted 1,5 hours including the training. The tour was very nice and the guides took us past most of the big ticket sights. The emphasis during the tour was more on enjoying the Segway in Amsterdam then stopping every 5 minutes and listening to an explanation about any of the sights. We actually preferred it this way as the Segway was so much fun to drive we didn’t want to get off!

So if you are in Amsterdam and want something different while seeing the sights go take a Segwaytour at iGo Segway Events. You won’t be dissapointed!

Tours start from €65,- per person for a 2 hour tour.