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Bar De Blaffende Vis ( literaly Barking Fish) is a very special name but it doesn’t make this eatery less popular. In the Westerstraat in the Jordaan district you’ll find this popular bar/eatery. De blaffende Vis is very popular among  various people like the youngsters, mostly student and young professionals but also a older public. A very diverse crowd makes the  vibe good here. They have two levels, the ground with the bar and kitchen at the back and on the split level first floor a few tables and the toilets. This is a point which they can improve because it’s not that clean.

The atmosphere is very conversational. With a feeling of a Friday after work drink on a Saturday, you can imagine how it is. It’s a perfect place to start your Saturday with a beer for € 2,30 and a wine for € 3,- your can get boosed up for a good night out. If you forgot how much a beer cost, there’s a huge price list on the wall to remind you.

De Blaffende Vis isn’t only a good place to start your night out, it’s one of the most popular places to go on Queensday. With a mega photo shoped picture of our royals on the facade it’s every year a surprise what they made up this year.

Overall a very good place to have your drinks or a little bite before party-ing in the middle of the Jordaan district.