Every time when somebody leaves restaurant Wolvenstraat 28 they say “that’s was fun but what’s the name of this place anyways?”. There is no name on the frontage of the joint. So here’s the direction: when you walk in the Wolvenstraat from the Keizersgracht it’s on your right hand after about 50 meters, when you walk in the same street from the Herengracht it’s on your left hand side after about 200 meters. You can probably recognize it when a lot of people are in the place or a lot of people are outside, depending on the weather.

Go here when you want to get into the mood for a party night in the city. The dinner menu is not that spectacular, you need to come here to see and to be seen.

For lunch the noodle soup with shrimp or chicken or the sandwich with tuna salad is excellent and a lot of business people get their power food here. If you want to have a good time during lunch or a hip pre party night you better go here!
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