This restaurant is situated on the Herengracht, in the center of Amsterdam. The unique aspect of this restaurant is the fact that it is divided into three types of restaurants: gastronomic, baroque and living room.  Gastronomic means that you’ll have a decent 6 course meal, baroque is more tapas style,  sharing food. Living room is the regular á la carte restaurant. When entering the restaurant, you’ll be guided to a place where you can wait for your table and have a drink. Mostly you’ll be guided to your table in a few minutes. On the menu they have very nice and exciting combinations, they really surprise you! The staff at Lieve is very friendly and their knowledge about the food and the wines is very good. Lieve  actually has a Belgian kitchen, which automatically means they have a fantastic beer menu! The staff will advise what beer or wine combines well with your meal.
The location and accessibility of Lieve is ideal, just between the city centre and the Jordaan. The pricing is also very good, a starter will cost you ± 9,- the main course ± € 18,- and a desert for ± € 8,-.  So Lieve will make sure you’ll have pleasant evening, enjoy food people from Amsterdam like and all  this for a reasonable price!

Starter, main, dessert, couple of beers, €50,- per person