Orloff is situated on a square named Entrepotdok. On first sight on the map you’ll think it’s too far out of the city centre but it’s really close by Amsterdam’s zoo Artis.

Orloff is a place where people from the neighbourhood get together for a Saturday afternoon drink and where the business people get their grooves on after a hard day’s work.

On a sunny day the terrace is something you can’t resist. You can get various wines and beers and of course a lot of snacks. If you want to have lunch the mozzarella salad and the sandwich with the merquez sausages are great.

Sometimes you have to be patient with the waiters but it’s not a punishment waiting because of the positioning of the terrace. They even have a disco bingo every fourth nightly Tuesday.

When you’re tired of the elephants and the tigers this is a good spot to have a drink and lunch!