This café and restaurant is well known and popular among youngsters in Amsterdam. The reason for their ‘success’ is probably based on the fact that its located in a popular neighborhood and that it has a nice terrace. When entering the restaurant I noticed that it was very small and crowded. The staff was very friendly and showed us a place to wait for our table. The menu was relatively small, but the meals had very nice ingredients. So far so good.

But when we finally could taste the food, after 45 minutes, the happy story ended. The meals were very bad prepared; the meat was grilled way to long and there was no balance on the plate. Neither with the starter, the main course as the desert. Then we realized that we had to pay 50 Euros each for a dinner we did not enjoy. We told the staff and they gave us a nice espresso on the house. This was a very nice gesture, but could not make up for the bad prepared food.

So my advice is: visit this restaurant to have a nice beer on the terrace and enjoy the boats passing by, then choose another restaurant to have dinner afterwards.

Starter, main, dessert, couple of beers, €50,- per person