Suzy Wong is an Oriental cocktail bar. This bar is located next to the Leidseplein. It’s a luxury bar with an Oriental design. The red velvet wall and the nice couches give this bar his chic look. With a mirror sealing and bamboo at the back wall, you’re sure that you’re in a special bar.

The staff behind the extensive bar is very friendly and they know how to make a good cocktail. Cocktails are priced around €10,-. If you have something to celebrate you can buy a bottle of champagne. These go from €55 till €220 for a good Dom Perignon.

The music is provided by a live DJ. He plays chill house music and a little more commercial kind of house. A live DJ in a small bar gives you that exclusive feeling of being a VIP.

The public can be categorized as casual to chic. Some of them are showing off with their money. The girls are wearing nice dresses instead of jeans and the guys are wearing nice shirts.

Suzy Wong is a good place to hang out before you go to a place near the Leideplein, which is a exclusive club across the street. Suzy Wong has the same owner as Jimmy Woo. The overall atmosphere is very good to chill and enjoy a beer or cocktail. This is not a bar for dancing. For dancing there are loads of other bars on and around the Leidseplein.

Couple of cocktails, €40,- per person.