Restaurant wagamama is a personal favourite! The food, the drinks, the layout of the restaurant; it is all based on fast service, good quality and the main idea of consistency like that of McDonalds, whether you go in the world all Wagamama’s will offer the same quality and amount of food! One thing I have noticed is; despite the amount of customers the waiters will always welcome you with a smile and are aways willing to answer any questions you might have. This is a very important point, as it is not uncommon that the stress of the day reflects on how you are treated as a customer by waiters.

Wagamama was first founded in 1992 in London, and has since then opened it’s doors in many countries across the world! The menu consists of Asian influenced; noodles, rice and soup dishes, fresh juices, wines and japanese bier. As if one of my personal favourite places couldn’t get any better, there is now a sushi menu available!

Wagamama is located in three different places in Amsterdam. One location is at Amsterdam WTC station, this one is usually a favourite for business meetings around the area. However closer to the centre of Amsterdam there is one located at Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein (perfect for before your nights out!).

I would highly advise visiting Wagamama, the food is fantastic and the prices are even better!