A personal favourite amongst my friends and I, this is where we are mostly found, catching up over coffee and cake; the American Bakery in Amsterdam. Most commonly known as De Drie Graefjes, it has some of the best sweet and savoury meals in Amsterdam! Situated at two different locations in Amsterdam, what makes this cafe better than most is it’s variety of culture, food and meal choices. Customers can choose lunch items from De Drie Graefjes lunchroom and brasserie menu, items from the High Tea menu inspired by the British and a fantastic variety of cakes, cookies, muffins, chocolates and cupcakes from the American Bakery menu!

You can choose to sit and relax and enjoy all three menu options, you can take away and you can order in advance to personalise any order (which is highly advised if you are ordering cake from the menu for a birthday, to ensure it is in stock)!

The location just off Dam Square is in a side alley behind the main church, its calm and a perfect place for a ‘catch up’ coffee! This location has a two floor space in De Drie Graefjes lunchroom where you can enjoy lunch and order some cake from the bakery right next door. Next door to De Drie Graefjes is the main bakery that supplies both sitting customers and serves as a take-away bakery!

The second location is passed Dam Square, at the Rokin 128, which is on the side of the main road that runs from Amsterdam Central Station all the way down to Muntplein! This location serves mainly as a bakery, however there are other menu options!

I highly recommend you to visit at least one these cafes before you go anywhere else! Sweet tooth or not, the menu is too good to be true!