I am a huge Soup lover! The idea of all the nutrients and flavours mixed together in one flavourful bowl of goodness, just makes me drool! This does mean I have been almost anywhere in Amsterdam that has any kind of reputation in soup making, and I can say that Soup en Zo is by far one of the best places to get soup, winter or summer, the soup is just too good to steer clear of once you have had a taste!

Soup en Zo is literally translated to; Soup and Such. The first Soup en Zo was opened 10 years ago, the concept was Fast and Healthy food, it offers soups, salads and sandwiches! It has two locations in the city:

– At the Jodenbreestraat 94a there is a terrace and seeting area, this is the main Soup en Zo

– However at the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54, which is a lot closer to the cities centre it is a take-away Soup en Zo (which is quite lovely in the summer, to pick up soup and have a small picnic in the park or on the sides of the canals)

The best thing about Soup en Zo is that you can be sure the ingredients and foods are fresh, as they make the soup, salads and sandwiches on the spot. They also change there menu every single day, you can either look on their website to see the current menu or have a little surprise and just go and see what they are offering that day!

If you’re hungry next time check out Soup en Zo, it will not disappoint!