Studio K is more than just a club. The building is pretty big and there is also a restaurant and cinema inside. Did you know that Studio K is run entirely by students? Well it is! And they are definitely doing a good job at it.

The place is located in Amsterdam East so it will take a bit more time to get there. Just grab a cab and join the party if you can! They don’t have club nights every weekend so make sure you check the website or Facebook before going there. If there won’t be a party during your stay in Amsterdam, you can always check the movie calender or swing by for some lunch, dinner or a drink. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the people are nice.

Once a month they do a jazz night that starts at 22:00. The public is quiet diverse as the night brings young and old people together. The entrance is free so even if you’re not a big jazz lover you can always swing by and take a look!

Studio K even has there own festival called K met peren. There’s a Dutch saying that goes ”kut met peren”. Politely put, this means ”vagina with pears”. Yes, that does sound very random. You use this saying when something is going bad. Don’t let the name scare you off now! This is a popular party among locals and it’s always a success.

And if you’re looking for an extra special night, check the agenda and see if they’ll be organizing the Rollerdis/ko. Dj’s will be playing and you can rent a pair of roller skates.

Besides the parties listed above, there are also techno, dubstep or parties with experimental music. Studio K is a place that offers a lot of diverse nights and that is why this is such a loved place!