When many people think of Amsterdam they think of Heiniken, Amstel, Grolsch and all the other brews Holland has to offer. It is needless to say it is not all about the beer, it is also about the place and people surrounding you whilst your drink your afternoon lager, after-dinner frothy or night cap.

When many Amsterdammers think of the perfect setting for their daily dose of beer, nothing other than Biercafé Gollem comes to mind. There are three different locations available within Amsterdam; Café Gollem, Cafe Gollem and Gollems Proeflokaal; which in english means Gollem Tasting Room

These cafe’s have so much character, and more importantly an immense amount of beers to select from, more than 150 beers are available! This beer café was one of the first in Amsterdam to offer belgian beer and international beer. It had been around since 1974 and is still housed within a liquor distillery in the heart of amsterdam!

Every saturday there is a Jazz day at Gollems Proeflokaal (located at the Overtoom 60), for visitors to enjoy a bit of jazz with their beer of choice. This is one of my favourites out of the three, as it allows you to turn a normal evening of beer tasting into a bit entertaining jazzy soulful night with friends in a low key relaxing café.