Dining at Restaurant Pompstation is a unique experience in the Eastern party of Amsterdam!

Located in an old Amsterdam School, which tubes are now still used by the Dutch Water company, lies this beautiful restaurant.
I have been here a few times and I enjoyed it ever time.
Good food, a great vibe and there is often live (jazz) music or a DJ on later hours.

The restaurant offers Belgian-French cuisine with a menu that changes on a regular basis.
The food is of good quality and there is a big selection of great wines to pick.

The restaurant itself is quite big and you can have a seat downstairs or upstairs.
Although it is difficult to bring the right atmosphere to a building of this size, they succeeded very well.
The lights used bring a good vibe and the staff, dressed up in trendy clothes, serves you well.

If you are not fan of a restaurant where you can have bigger groups eating together, don’t go here during the week, but keep it for the weekend.

I really recommend this restaurant for a good night out. For a couple or a group, all will have a good night.