Stadscafé van Mechelen is located on the Sloterkade, not far from exit of the Vondelpark near the Amstelveense weg. The café opened its doors at the beginning of March 2013 and it is already a popular spot among locals. I must say that I absolutely love the interior! The concrete walls and floors give the place an industrial feel. Also, some of the chairs have parts of bicycle wheels constructed into them while others are covered with leather. Overall the venue is pretty big but the way it is decorated makes it feel warm and welcoming. There’s also a small terrace so you can sit outside and enjoy watching the passing boats.

You can come by whenever you want as the café profiles itself as an informal place, but of course it is also possible to make a reservation. Not only do they serve dinner, but there’s also the possibility to eat some nice breakfast or lunch. The café opens at 9am and closes at 1am during the week. So you have all the time to visit! In the weekends they are open for an hour more which means they close at 2am. The food is made with love and you can even throw a glance inside the kitchen. It has no walls or doors so you can easily see how the cooks do their work. They serve classical dishes that are made with high quality products.

Van Mechelen might be located a bit outside of the touristic area but if you have the chance you should absolutely visit. The public is quite diverse. All age groups are welcome in this place and will feel at ease. You can come by and pick one of the many beers they serve, for example one of the eight Belgium ones, while you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.