I just love Thai food, but it’s never like the food you get in Thailand.
Outside Thailand there is almost no restaurant with the same taste and quality as the food you get served there.
That was my opinion, until I walked into Restaurant Thai Tiger and had the best curry since I left Thailand 2 ½ years ago.

Restaurant Thai Tiger, located in the Eastern part of Amsterdam (across Wilde Zwijnen), is a restaurant of course run by Thai locals. It will take you 20 minutes to arrive here from the city centre (by bus or tram).

The restaurant looks good from the inside and has lots of space. Only thing is that the window at the front is too big and open, as it looks like you are having dinner in a fishbowl.

The starters are not so tasty (had some shrimps and vegetable springrols), but the main courses compensates everything and I finally got the curry I longed for after I left Thailand.
Of course Thai beer was served and staff was helpfull (as you expect).

I heard good stories about this restaurant and now that I’ve eaten here, I can totally agree with those stories.
If you are looking for a great Thai restaurant, I truly recommend this place.