Bussia is a restaurant for the Italian foodlovers. Bussia is also a place where you want to pay for your (high quality) food. The prices aren’t cheap but if you want to impress a date who is also really into (Italian) food you’ll have a 100% touchdown when you take him/her to this place.

The interior is very classical, maybe even a little bit stiff. A surrounding to behave yourselfs, something we actually don’t want, but the food and the wines compensates this largely. Eat here the classic Italian way with a primi and a secondi piatti. The risotto of the day and the fritto di carciofi with gorgonzola is superb. Actually, the whole menu is ridiculously good.

Bussia is situatued in the ‘9 straatjes’ which is of walking distance of almost every hotel in the city centre area.