Are you a real chocolate addict? If yes, then forget about Belgian chocolates and stick with Amsterdam’s best chocolate from Puccini Bomboni. Recently this chocolate shop was chosen to be in Europe’s top 10 list of best chocolatiers! Yes, this is something you do not want to miss during your trip to Amsterdam.

With two stores in the center of Amsterdam they offer something delightful for every chocolate freak. So whether you like white, milk, dark, fruity, spicy, or sweet… Puccini Bomboni has it all. What do you think about a chocolate with lemongrass, chili’s or nutmeg? And if you’re not into spicy flavors  go for the fruity ones like raspberry and cranberry. Of course this chocolatier would not be a real chocolatier without making chocolate with alcohol. So yes, think of Cointreau, Amaretto and cognac.

Every piece of chocolate seems to be a true gift when you taste it and not only that – their chocolate looks great too! All chocolates are handmade in the kitchen of the shop on Staalstraat and next to their fancy chocolates they also sell bars that are a bit more simple, but definitely as delicious as everything else in the shop. These chocolates are a fair bit pricier than your regular chocolate bar that you get from the supermarket.  However, Puccini’s chocolate are quite large. For a pack of 4 (which you can select yourself of course) you will pay around € 10. Again, don’t mind the price, just don’t miss this one while visiting Amsterdam.