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  • Diana, 28 years old. Resident of the South East of Amsterdam. Love the city. Multicultural. Friends. Food junkie. Chocolate, lots of chocolate. Wine, even more. Music. Concerts. Theater. Laughing my ass off comedy shows. Summer in the city. Parks. Walking through town aimlessly. And traveling, just like you.

Nuit Blanche 2013

Nuit Blanche 2013 is the yearly celebration of Amsterdam’s Underground & Avantgarde. The festival shows you theater, exhibitions, music and […]

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Soap Treatment Store

Now this is for the ladies: all of us know that getting a spa treatment has to be part of […]

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Sie Joe

While you are walking through the city of Amsterdam, you will notice the variety of different cuisines offered in restaurants. […]

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Taste of Amsterdam 2013

Craving for some tasty bites while in Amsterdam? If you’re in town between June 6th and 9th this year, pop […]

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Food Film Festival

For any food junkie visiting Amsterdam in March, don’t miss out on the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam. For 3 […]

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Puccini Bomboni

Are you a real chocolate addict? If yes, then forget about Belgian chocolates and stick with Amsterdam’s best chocolate from […]

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Bombay Inn

I bet every big city in the world has a restaurant called the Bombay Inn and so Amsterdam has to […]

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Dimsum at Oriental City Amsterdam

Dimsum gets a new dimension at Oriental City. The savory bites and snacks the Chinese eat with their afternoon tea […]

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Café Berkhout

On the border of the city center and the famous neighbourhood De Pijp, you’ll find this corner café called Café […]

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