On a budget? Craving for a shopping spree? Love vintage? The flea market in the IJhallen Amsterdam is the spot for you. Every first weekend of the month the IJhallen is the decor for Europe’s largest flea market. With around 750 market stands (inside and outside) there is no doubt you will find your treasure here. If you are into vintage fashion, wander around the fashion stands where Amsterdam’s fashion victims sell their long loved items and others are happy to pay a dime for it. More into retro home decorations? There is plenty of this here as well. Oh yes, be prepared to find stuff here that you had never thought of before. In fact, we are sure that you will see stuff you didn’t even know existed!

To get into this giant flea market you have to pay an entrance fee of €4,50, but again: this will give you access to around 750 market stands and it will keep you busy for quite a few hours. Even if you are not much of a shopping fan, it is still fun to include this flea market into your Amsterdam itinerary. This is True Amsterdam: a mix of cultures, fashion victims, old antique collectors and people who just like to collect old stuff (not necessarily to be put into the antique section….).

How to buy tickets?

Get your tickets at the door

Fees : € 4,50