This restaurant and café is located on the north side of the river IJ, on the other side of the Central Station. A ferry will take you here in five minutes. This gives the IJ kantine an extra dimension, a nice boat trip and a nice sunny lunch afterwards!

During the months March until October they have a beautiful terrace situated in front of the brasserie. The terrace is located at the bank of the IJ and faces south. Off course, the view is also spectacular from here and it turns out to be very relaxing to sit here and enjoy the view. In the evening the terrace is decorated with beautiful lamps.

I’ve eaten here several times and had many dinners. I must say that 95% of those visites, the service and products were very good. No nonsence attitude, fresh products and quick service. This place also has wonderful wines for a reasonable price. I love it!

The IJ kantine is a place you can visit for every occassion, during the day or in the evening. Let us know what your opinion is about this place, did you enjoy it as well as I did?

A dinner with some wine for € 30 per person.