Westergas fabriek literally translated as; West Gas Factory, this is a fantastic place to spend your time; for breakfast, lunch, dinner and finger food , beers with friends in the afternoon and late night parties. This culture park located outside the city centre is booming with restaurants, cafes and night life such as; Pacific Parc, Mediacafe and Westerunie.

There is an Art&House building in the park, which is available for workshops various kinds. The North Sea Jazz Club is open to the public to enjoy upcoming jazz talents as well as well known artists. Het Ketelhuis which is also located in the park is a small film theatre equipped with three different viewing areas, the theatre participates in the yearly film festival as well as; Cinekid and Africa in the Picture.

If you are looking to have some fun with the kids there is a pond for in the summer, a playground and a children’s farm with different types of animals.

There is always something happening in the park or the surrounding area; whether it is a food festival, carnival, funfair, Sensation white, Amsterdam fashion week or filming for dutch television at the on-site DutchViewStudio, the park and buildings are always packed with new adventures.

For informational about the different upcoming activities and events, I highly advise you to take a look at the website: westergas fabriek. This will allow you to view all of the above mentioned activities and gather a broader view of the experiences this fantastic park has to offer.

In the summer the sunset falls perfectly on the terraces where locals and tourists enjoy a couple of drinks. In the winter period the park holds a lot of indoor activities which are just as great as the summer events.

If you are looking to just escape the busy streets of Amsterdam centre and enjoy a relaxed afternoon stroll, I highly advise a visit to this beautiful park.