December 21, 2012 organizes Indept THE WENDE. No End of The World Party but an event that does justice to the ancient prophecy of the coming solstice, the beginning of a new era: the era of Aquarius. THE WENDE. The change of  the stars is accompanied by major consequences for humans. Positive times of harmony and awareness are about to break trough.

THE WENDE indicates the start of this new era. With a challenging program on the Amsterdam Westergasterrein, this is the perfect place  to undergo this change. For party-loving open-minded and socially conscious people is a very inspiring and innovative program compiled. Where among other 12inchCity, bandjebandje and HiFi Mystery School will provide an unprecedented new beginning.

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Frank Beckers (D-Nox & Beckers) (Tronic/ Systematic)
Peter Horrevorts LIVE (Cocoon/GEM records)
William Kouam Djoko (SQUZ Agency)
Homework (Meanwhile)
MAYK LIVE (Winnaar Graefenthal Legends)
Hosman (12InchCity, Lucid Records)
Aike & Dickson (12InchCity)


Patrice Bäumel (Trouw Amsterdam, Get Physical)
Applescal LIVE (Traum, Epiqurus Agency)
Olaf Stuut LIVE (Traum, Cocoon records)
Enrique’s Groove (Opwarm specialist)
Flannels (Afbreek specialist, BandjeBandje Agency)


Satori LIVE (Djordje)
Hi-fi Mystery School LIVE
Jens de Langer LIVE (Hi-fi Mystery School)
Franklin Reeves LIVE (Hi-fi Mystery School)

Tickets only available at the door.

Fees : € 35