Dimsum gets a new dimension at Oriental City. The savory bites and snacks the Chinese eat with their afternoon tea has become very popular in Amsterdam. At just a 5 minute walk from Zeedijk (the Chinatown street) you will find this corner restaurant that feeds people on their 3 floors. Their dimsum menu is quite extensive and offers you a variety of vegetarian, pork, chicken, beef, fish and even sweet bites. My favorite dimsum dish is their lo pak ko (fried radish cake) and the ever so famous char siu bao, a fluffy bun filled with sweet pork meat. I suggest you order a bit of everything and you’ll see that before you know it you’re too stuffed to have dinner at night! Although this place is packed with many locale Chinese citizens, the place has also become very popular among other Amsterdam locals and tourists as well.

Starting to get hungry for some dimsum already? Be sure to make a reservation before you and your empty stomach hop in. Especially on Sundays you will see their staircase is jammed with people waiting for a table to enjoy Oriental City’s dimsum. Wouldn’t it be nice to pass the crowd and go straight to your table? Prices vary at Oriental City, so you can make it as expensive as you’d like to. Small dishes are between € 3,00 and € 8,00 per dish. During dimsum time it is also possible to order main meals, which are of course also served for dinner later on the day. Their staff is friendly and always prepared to explain the dishes on the menu in case you don’t know what to get.