Their motto; ‘Queen or not, Prik is hot’. This cosy bar was awarded as the best gay bar in the netherlands, it is truly one worth a visit. It is small and elegant, which makes the bar and the dance floor well within reach from one another. The size is small which allows guests to feel comfortable, however it does not take away from visitors having a fantastic time. Prik is known for its range of bubbles, mainly the pink prosecco, but the bar men are always ready to whip up their fantastic tasting cocktails. It is filled with classy locals and stylish foreigners, the bar tenders and personnel are welcoming to everyone and always down for a good party.

Whether its an afternoon drink, quick stop for finger food and pink bubbles or a themed party; Prik is a must. The events differ per week, ranging from 90’s theme parties to techno and house parties.

Check out the website for more information about upcoming events, menu changes and news.