Surinamese eateries Warung Swietie and Warung Mini… Two of the best eateries in town when it comes to Surinamese cooking!
I’ve been here lots of times and everytime I have lunch here, I’m looking forward to go again!

Suriname is a former Dutch colony in South America. Warung Swietie brings the great food of this country to the Netherlands and is certainly worth trying when you are in the mood for something exciting and spicy!

Dishes like Baka Bana (baked banana in butter) and Roti (pancake served with potatoes, chicken and vegetables) taste great, but their specialty is their Saoto soup.

The Surinamese kitchen is quite literally a melting pot of many different cuisines from around the world. Saoto soup orginates from the island of Java in Indonesia, also a former Dutch Colony.  It is commonly made with chicken but there are lots of other varieties available. If you like a spicy soup that will see you through the afternoon, this is the place to be!

The prices of these eateries are very low and the amount of food you get is more than enough.

Note:  That Warung Mini and Warung Sweetie are small eateries, where it is more about the quality of the food and less about the restaurant itself.

A basic interior and just a few places to sit down make this an eatery to have a quick bite/lunch. The place is also often used for take-away.

The eateries are located nearby the Albert Cuyp Market (local market, ‘opened’ from Monday to Saturday 9 am – 5 pm), and only a  few hundred meters from the Heineken Experience and the Utrechtsestraat (where other nice bars and clothing shops can be found).


Saoto soup special € 4,50