This is a place for the party people who just don´t want to stop! Mazzeltof is one of the few night bars in town. When all the clubs closes down and the bars are screaming last round! and your not done with the night yet then this is your place. Mazzeltof is open during the week till 5 in the morning and till 9 in the morning over the weekend.

Amsterdam is working hard on an 24hour policy for clubs, but first they want to do tests with certain clubs before they give a go to the entire city. Before this will happen Mazzeltof is, amongst couple of other night bars, the place to be for a couple of drinks, music and laughter.

Mazzeltof is a place where all the layers of society are coming together which makes its actually an interesting place to visit. Here you’ll see the college boys having drinks with clubheads and businessmen making conversation with one of the regulars. If you’re lucky you’ll find a local artist who makes art of the elements out of the bar. (ashes, beer, smoked sigarettes and peanuts for example)
Mazzeltof is a fun place to hang out when you just want to have those ´one for the road´ drinks before heading back to your hotel.