Lab111 is situated in the city area ‘oud- west’. It’s nearby the Vondelpark and about a 5 minutes’ walk from the Elandsgracht and a ten minutes walk from Leidsesquare. Lab111 is setup in an old anatomic lab. Above the big reading table they still have the old lamps which they used in the lab investigating dead bodies. I know, not a really nice thing to think about before dinner but the lamps are the right touch in the restaurant. The menu is great and the wines are good. They have a special soup which they call the labsoup and the daily special is called the ‘labhap’. The kitchen has French/Belgian/Italian tastes and is good in balance. The one thing you should really taste here is the lemon cheesecake, just to die for! If you dine here on a Friday and Saturday they sometimes have a DJ spinning so you can dance your food away. If you eat on a weekday you can watch a movie in one of the two cinemas or see an exhibition in the art gallery.