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Bar Hoppe is situated in the old center of Amsterdam, founded in 1670 it’s one of the oldest bar in Amsterdam. Hoppe is divided into two properties, you have the sitting part (right property) and you have the standing part .

If you visit this bar, you can tell that it’s that old, because everything looks the same like it was back in those days with the old barrels of distilleries still hanging on the wall behind the bar.

Hoppe attracts a lot of locals who just come here after work or dinner to drink and relax with friends.

Hoppe is also well known by locals because of their monthly pub quiz, which is always heavily attended too. The typical crowd of Hoppe is mostly 30 year olds and higher educated people. The price of a beer is €2,50 and you’ll get a wine for €3,50. Good place to start or end your evening.

Prices: Beer (Amstel) € 2,50, Wine € 3,50