Every last saturday of august voltt loves summer takes place on the NDSM wharf in the north of Amsterdam. The festival hosts 15.000 people with two stages. The lines to get in and to get beer and food aren’t that big which is a big plus for the organization.   The finest names in techno are being booked by organizer and DJ bart skills.

Voltt loves summer is a festival for the true techno lover. In the afternoon (festival starts at 12.00 and ends at 23.00) voltt starts with really deep dubtechno with the likes of scuba, scion feat. Tikiman, mohlao, actress and benoit and Sergio. In the afternoon the pace is being pushed up with magda, polder and minilogue. At the beginning of the evening and the rest of the evening koze, henrik Schwarz, koze, loco dice and paul ritch were on the roll. All quality dj’s with an own original sound. The weather was really bad but around 16.00 the warf was packed and the atmosphere was really good. That’s what volt loves summer distinguish themselves from other festivals, the always really strong line up and the relaxed, typical Amsterdam local atmosphere.