Studio 80 is the only and best club on the Rembrandt square which is worth visiting, specially when you’re into techno music. When you arrive on the square you have to take a good look where it is. The entrance is not that big as the neighbours (Cafe de Kroon) but the club and the atmosphere is a lot bigger than the neighbours.

When you found your way to the entrance getting in isn’t that difficult. Only when you’re already smashed, and you obviously look smashed, they won’t let you in but besides that the door policy is pretty relaxed. The Fridays and the Saturdays are good club nights for studio 80 but if you want to see how local (and sometimes already international) talent is doing, go here on a Thursday night.

Studio 80 also hosts the legendary 24-hour party people parties and in summer they have a weekly beach party at beach club Woodstock in Bloemendaal. The crowd on a Thursday night is relaxed, a bit student like but real techno minded. The likes of Anja Schneider, Pan – Pot, Tiefschwarz and Sebo – K played the 80 and local heroes like Lilith, Kabala und Liebe, Daniel Sanchez and Julien Chaptal play here often.

The prices for alcohol are reasonable. So if you want to go to a club on the Rembrandtplein you should go to Studio 80 for the best international Techno DJ’s a non stop party vibe!