The Sugar Factory Night Theatre is located right across the Melkweg near the Leidseplein. This theatre isn’t a normal club but a multi-disciplinary night theatre as they say. This means that there are a variety of things to do. On Saturday it’s a normal club. You can buy your ticket at the door for €12,50 and hop inside for some dance moves.

When you get inside you’ll see that this isn’t a fancy club with a modern design. It looks like an artistic theatre with a wall painting in the chill out. There’s only one area where a DJ is playing, mostly commercial, house music. The restroom and smoking area is upstairs and these are also not too fancy but it has his charm.  The dancing area is not too big and has a stage with a wide staircase with four steps. If the dance floor is crowded you can move to the stage to do your dance moves.

The prices for drinks are normal for Amsterdam, a beer costs €2,50 and a wine is € 3,30. The beer on draft is Jupiler, this is a beer from Belgium which tastes very good. The guys behind the bar were not very enthusiastic, but you don’t have to wait very long for your drinks so who cares?

We arrived in Sugar Factory at midnight but that’s a little too early.  One hour later it was more crowed and everybody was dancing. It was striking that far more men were visiting this club than women. But maybe we went there on a unlucky night. Overall the atmosphere was good and everybody was dancing till the lights went on at 5AM. So if it’s too busy at the Melkweg and you want to go for a good night out, go to the Sugar Factory.