The House of Bols is the “experience” center for the famous Bols Distillery. Bols makes world renowned genevers (distilled from wheat) and a lot of other drinks like wodka and gin. They also have a very wide selection of flavoured liquors which are used around the world to create cocktails.
Conveniently located across from the van Gogh museum, the entrance is a bit nondescript. You have to know what you are looking for. The experience itself isn’t much really. A short tour past some memorabilia, old bottles and an explanation of the distilling process. So don’t go there for just the tour as you’ll be out within the hour (and most of that hour you’ll be waiting in line at the bar for your cocktail of choice in the mirrorbar).

If you want to do something else and get your buzz on at the same time we highly recommend the workshops.  You can experience a genever tasting where you try a number of different genevers but if you really want to have some fun we recommend the cocktailworkshop. After you have done the “experience” and had your complimentary cocktail in the mirror bar you get your own private bartender in a seperate room and get to create 4 well known cocktails using genever, liquors and offcourse juice and ice!

The shaking of the cocktails is great fun and the best part is that you get to drink your own cocktail after you make it!

There is a minimum of 6 people required to do this workshop and of course the minimum age is 18. The price if €39,50 which might seem a bit steep but when you consider you’ll get 5 cocktails for that price and walk out of there with a pretty nice buzz it is great value for money!
We recommend making reservations in advance on the House of Bols website for your group.

Cocktail workshop with 5 cocktails and tour €39,50