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Cafe Kobalt is located near the Amsterdam Central Station. A great place to get your first drink in the city. A specialty at Kobalt are the local beers called IJ bier. This beer is brewed in Amsterdam. And the brewery is located at the east side of town.(Brouwerij ‘t IJ)

There’s a terrace in front of the café and a small terrace near the canal. A great spot to watch the boats in the canal while having a local beer. Inside the café they play trendy music. A local beer is € 2,50 and for € 3,10 you’ll have a wine.

If you want a little snack while you’re drinking, there’s a menu with several snacks for approximately  €5,-. The waitresses were a little slow, even when it’s not that busy. This is a thing they could improve.

Prices: Beer between € 2,50 and € 3,10  Snacks  € 5